How does a creative toddler turns into the Digital Addicted teenager?


We live in a time where….

1. It is getting difficult to take Kids off screen
2. Kid’s attention spans are shortening
3. Families have lost the art of meaningful conversations.

If you are asking yourself again & again....

“ Why nothing works when it comes to taking kids & yourself off the screen even though you try so hard? "

Then Join The Talk on 10th June.


  1. How the media ecosystem is designed to turn kids and your family into digital consumer
  2. How it becomes A habit without even you knowing it.
  3. How to break the cycle and bring back meaningful family time.


Vinnie Mehta is the founder of Nanos Arte & Digital Artist, who has 20 years of experience working for feature film & TV shows like Captain America and Smallville. She was a nominee for Canada’s Gemini Awards under the category of best visual effect for the longest running show Stargate SG1.

Vinnie, Coming from media industry she knows how she was involved in the manipulated process of capitalizing on children’s obsession with games, characters & merchandise for huge revenues.

She is massively concerned about our society’s logical, lonely future with high IQ. She made her mission is to help the new generation to be master of digital not to be the slave to the world, which requires leadership, creativity, and balance.


"The talk was quite informative with possible scenarios & with relation to today’s challenge was well covered. The key takeaway was How brain gets hooked with fast paced media was very informative and how to be proactive to manage family time with simple and efficient activities. We were enjoyed & focused throughout. Vinnie Managed to capture our interest well. Good work."


Please follow the Direction to BLOCK B (pink color) on the map below then take the elevator to level 3. There are 3 Entries to Goodman Art Center. IF you can coming by MRT or Bus your then entry from Mountbatten Road will be good. If you are driving a car or taking a taxi, then enter from the visitor's parking gate. Another Landmark to find block B is Opp. La Barca. Unit no.is #3-19.

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Sat Jun 10, 2017
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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Per Person SOLD OUT $15.00
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Venue Address
#03-19, Goodman Art Center, Goodman Road, Singapore 439053 Singapore
Nearest MRT Mountbatten
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